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SharePoint for law firms: Benefits of document management software for law firms

SharePoint for law firms
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Law firms tackle large numbers of documents every day. They need a proper document management system to overcome the confusion caused by disorganized precedents, legislation and law review articles, case laws, case-related documents, client forms, etc. Office 365 and SharePoint for law firms enable them to handle enormous amounts of documentation while keeping them secure. The document management software for law firms boosts their productivity, collaboration, and keeps them up-to-date anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of utilizing SharePoint for law firms

A robust Document management system using SharePoint for law firms is a major requirement, that eases the process of data storage, searching, and retrieving. Here are some of the main benefits of DMS solutions using SharePoint for law firms:

Case-related documentation

With SharePoint, legal industries can easily store documents and specify them using tags to simplify the search process. Furthermore, using SharePoint filtering features, law firms can search documents based on different criteria like author, date, document tags, and types.

High security and safe data sharing

Security for legal industries has always been an important topic. Since they deal with confidential legal information, data security comes across as a major concern. DMS solutions on SharePoint for law firms protect sensitive documents from internal and external threats.

SharePoint provides access permissions for each document; this way legal cases are protected from sabotage.  365 Digital Consulting solution on Microsoft 365 legal document management software enables an internal and external sharing setting, which allows users to define who is able to open, edit, share documents.

Sharing settings are one of the most important factors for legal industries which cannot be set as default for such confidential information. The deployment of document management software for law firms on Microsoft 365 cloud services bring many features to businesses such as settings for sensitivity labels, retention labels and policies, and data loss prevention (DLP).

Secure contract management software

Usually, law firms need to edit one piece of contract thousands of times, without using proper document management software this may lead to serious problems since some versions of the edited file might be missing or the authors may lose track of the latest version of the document.
One of the most important features that SharePoint document management software for law firms brings is contract management. Contract management or contract lifecycle management is all the steps of handling contracts during their lifecycle. This process includes the very first stages of authoring the contract, negotiations, editing, versioning, and approvals.
Using SharePoint as the document management system lets law firms security create contracts and with the help of its co-authoring feature different members can access the document and edit it from anywhere at the same time. Since the SharePoint versioning feature saves and keeps all the versions of a particular document, staff members can access all the previous versions of documents.
Also, you can find your contracts faster, by classifying documents it is possible to search documents based on their content or the words used in them.
When the contract is fully ready it is time to send it to the client in order to receive their signature. Traditionally they would print the contract, sign it on a piece of paper and then scan the document and email it to the lawyer. But now with the help of the contract management features and e-signatures, the client will simply read the contract and demonstrate their consent by e-signing it. This new feature will increase the pace of the process tremendously.

Access data anywhere anytime

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work capabilities have become vital. Remote working solutions let businesses keep on working through such circumstances beyond our control. Microsoft 365 lets its users access data from anywhere. Therefore, SharePoint for law firms’ solution works on mobile phones, tablets, or any other mobile devices and the mobile formats are as secure as desktop formats.

Powerful case management system

In order to track tasks and case events, or access contact information, SharePoint sites are the best options. 365 Digital consulting solution on SharePoint for law firms lets users make a new site for each client. This solution is one of the most scalable ones since each site can have different document libraries and numerous web parts. Moreover, businesses can have a template for the legal cases based on the criteria they seek. Even legal firms can determine different security policies on some special cases which are more confidential.

SharePoint for law firms dedicates unlimited cloud storage to easily manage numbers of cases. It is possible to set various document libraries, task lists, calendars, important links for each site. So, all the related data will remain in a secure area that lets team members manage tasks, assign new jobs, and collaborate on cases more effectively.

Microsoft 365 for law firms solution by 365 Digital Consulting 

In conclusion, Microsoft 365 for law firms’ services carries real benefits and can make your legal tasks easier. Just imagine how fast and time-saving contract reviewing, deadline meeting, email sorting, preparing invoices and many more can be with legal document management software!

We at 365 Digital Consulting provide you a SharePoint for law firms solution that contain the following features:

  • High level of data security and privacy settings
  • Diverse legal form libraries
  • Multiple e-signature options
  • Collaboration with other users
  • Robust email management
  • Visual workflow dashboards
  • Easy offline access
  • Integration with 3rd party apps

If you are interested in discovering more about the features that 365 Digital Consulting has provided for its clients in legal industries read our SharePoint for law firms case study which we enabled integration between Microsoft SharePoint and Zoho CRM, or contact us now for a free one-hour consulting session.

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