Using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for Construction Industry

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for Construction Industry
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Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for Construction industries help companies leverage all the features of SharePoint tailored to their needs. Construction firms are now embracing and benefiting from integrating new workplace technologies such as Office 365 and SharePoint, despite the fact that the construction industry has historically been slow to accept new technologies and use Automation, SharePoint, and Microsoft office 365 for construction Industry.

Microsoft office 365 and SharePoint Online make use of the cloud to provide construction companies with a comprehensive set of productivity and security capabilities. Microsoft’s latest solution helps you to work smarter—improving efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and security—whether on-site or in the office.

What are the advantages of SharePoint and Office 365 for Construction managers?

  • Eliminate time spent communicating project information by having it emailed out to everyone automatically.
  • All of your projects should be kept in one place. There will be no more misplaced project data.
  • Automate the distribution of project information and notifications to new team members – There will be no more mistakes or omissions from project communications.
  • For field teams and field-to-office collaboration with construction job locations, works on mobile.
  • Streamline the project hand-off procedure; no more forgetting to inform the team about new initiatives.

What is the Use of Automation in Construction Industry?

The range of automation in construction is extensive, including all stages of the construction life cycle, from original planning and design to facility construction, operation, and maintenance, and finally disassembly and recycling of buildings and engineering structures.

When compared to unskilled people, automation improves construction project productivity, reduces time and exhausting work, improves construction safety, and improves job quality.

Automation in construction industry may provide the following benefits:

  • Improving the work environment by reducing traditional manual labor to a bare minimum, allowing people to be freed of uncomfortable work situations.
  • Quality that is more consistent and accurate than that offered by experienced people.
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency while lowering costs.
  • Replacing human operators in jobs that require strenuous physical labor or are monotonous.
  • Replacing humans in dangerous locations such as those with heights, across a river, and so on.

Benefits of Using SharePoint for Construction Industries

  1. Get more return on investment:

Time is a valuable commodity. Every minute that an employee spends waiting for a document to be delivered on-site costs them money. Office 365 and SharePoint for Construction companies can be used in preparing all the information employee need right away.

  1. In OneDrive for Business, your data is secure:

Unless you choose to share or save your files in a public folder, your files will not be shared with others. What about your account? A two-step verification process protects it.

This means that each time you log in to your account, you must provide two pieces of identification (your password and another contact method).

  1. Easy access to email:

You can send and access all your email messages, calendars, and contact information from anywhere using Office 365. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a job site, in the car, or at the airport. This means you can check your email on your home computer in the morning, switch to your phone on a construction site, and even contribute to project ideas while eating lunch at a nearby restaurant using your tablet.

  1. SharePoint makes document management easier:

SharePoint is the intranet and team communication site for construction industry. It enables you to collaborate with your colleagues from any device at any time. You can simultaneously create, modify, and review documents with all your teammates.

  1. Skype for Business helps you save money:

Skype for Business is an Office 365 tool that allows you to schedule meetings from any device. All you’ll need is a phone or an Internet connection to get started.

Construction companies claim that video collaboration software such as Skype has helped them cut operating costs, travel expenditures, and boost productivity. When you can see someone’s facial expression and body language, they believe it’s much easier to gauge their reaction to a plan or a 3D model. This is particularly crucial in worldwide initiatives because it is not always possible to evaluate a person’s meaning only based on their words.

Help with Microsoft 365 Managed Services is available:

You can get a free one-hour consultation if your construction company requires assistance setting up its Microsoft 365 environment. Let 365 Digital Consulting help deliver the solutions. Contact us to get started.

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