Microsoft Teams Development

From delivering notifications to channels or sophisticated multi-surface apps with conversational bots, and integrated web experiences, Microsoft Teams developments, and apps can be as basic or as complex as you need them to be.

Microsoft Teams Development

From delivering notifications to channels or sophisticated multi-surface apps with conversational bots, and integrated web experiences, Microsoft Teams developments, and apps can be as basic or as complex as you need them to be.

Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated into Microsoft 365 platform and provides numerous features to enhance the quality of online meetings, chats, file sharing, video streaming, and so on. But as a business owner you will first need to determine how you’re going to roll out the MS Teams to bring a complete collaboration experience for your employees.

Although Teams offers many out-of-box collaboration features to businesses, sometimes organisations need their own custom solution. For this purpose, 365 Digital Consulting provides MS Teams development services in order to improve businesses’ productivity, let them make decisions faster, provide focus, and create collaboration around existing content and workflows.

What are Microsoft Teams Apps?

Microsoft Teams apps are applications that let users get the job done without having to leave the MS Teams. They boost user experience by gathering various tools and services in order to deliver better results. Some apps are straightforward (for example, sending notifications), whereas others are more complicated (connecting to another web application and allowing users to work with that web application inside the context of MS Teams without the need to switch between multiple applications).
At 365 Digital Consulting, our Microsoft Office 365 development experts can design brand new custom Teams apps for your business or integrate your existing app with MS Teams based on your specific needs.

Personal Apps


A personal app is a specialized place or bot that allows users to focus on their own work or view key activities that are related to them in a central location. These MS Teams development solutions offer various features such as lists, task boards, dashboards, and forms. These features accelerate assigning tasks, tracking job status, project management, analyzing data, reporting, and data organisation.

MS teams Personal apps development
MS teams Messaging extensions development

Messaging Extensions


You may easily exchange external information in a discussion using messaging extensions. The Microsoft Teams development services deployed for messaging extensions allow users to interact with the web service to search external apps and then share those results into the Teams platform.
Users can also follow and finish a complex task with several steps in an external system and then share the outcoming results with a conversation through messaging extensions. As an instance scenario, imagine an employee who needs to go on a business trip. The process requires finding a suitable flight ticket, hotel reservation, and transportation.
All these steps are done out of the office and involve expense approvals. Messaging extensions can be used to guide the employee step by step through the process by collecting appropriate information, and using them to automate the process which involve approval processes and showing a summary of the process in the conversation.



Conversations usually result in the need to act (generate an order, review codes, check ticket status, and so on) and this is exactly where bots turn out to be useful as they can automate the workflows inside the Microsoft Teams with their artificial intelligence.
Bots are used in groups, channels, and one-to-one chats with different kinds of usages, as an instance in groups or channels, bots are used for sending notifications for diverse scenarios, collecting polls and surveys, or response cycle.
Microsoft Teams development solutions can also be used in the traditional way in one-to-one chats to enable workflow. Microsoft Teams’ bots can start workflows within the Teams app or other systems, answer some sort of questions based on pre-defined answers, or provide more information about product item details.

MS teams bot development

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Microsoft teams tabs customisation



Tabs are webpages embedded attributes that display your web-based material in a tab where others can collaborate and debate it. MS Teams tabs can be set up as part of a channel inside a team, personal apps, or group chats.

External App Integrations


You can connect your external system with Microsoft Teams in order to let them interoperate seamlessly with each other and make the flow of information easier. It is possible to provide a powerful user experience by integrating 3rd party apps into Microsoft Teams platform, it includes many features such as creating a “Share to Teams” button for your website, adding deep links, creating a MS Teams tab in SharePoint, and other device functionalities.
For example, by utilizing Teams and Dynamics 365 integration, you enable your staff members to access, share, and edit customers records (which are stored on Dynamics 365) all in MS Teams without switching between apps.
To bring another example, using Teams and Salesforce integration help users to collaborate about Salesforce reports, preview records or edit them directly from MS Teams. It is also possible to collaborate about a record with one of your colleagues and share its insights through Teams chat.

Microsoft Teams app integration

How Microsoft Teams Developments are Done?

Choosing the proper combination of extensibility points and UI components is the most important step in Microsoft Teams development.

You should allocate a significant amount of effort identifying the problem your app is attempting to address, and mapping solutions to different user-friendly ways.
At 365 Digital Consulting we guarantee that by observing and examining your business process accurately, we implement the best set of tools and features for your Microsoft Teams development solution. We make an attempt to bring the high-end quality user experience to employees and let the businesses focus on their core aims, while we take care of their Microsoft Teams development services.

How Microsoft Teams developments are done?

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams Apps

The Microsoft Teams framework is a robust and adaptable platform for building Microsoft Teams apps. Here we will go over some of its important benefits where Teams apps development shine.

  • Stay focused and use only MS Team rather than switch between multiple app
  • Boosted cooperation and communication
  • Better social interactions to encourage team members to extend the company culture
  • Easier process management with useful tools for initiating and assisting workflows
  • Flexibility for embedded personal apps and 3rd party app integrations

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