Office 365 Timesheet Solution

With our Office 365 timesheet solution, you do not need to pay for another application license. This SharePoint timesheet solution allows automatic invoice generation within Xero and eliminates the need to enter invoices into the Xero invoicing module

The Client Company


The client is a bush regeneration, environmental consulting, and landscaping company that specializes in significant construction projects in Australia. It works with land managers to achieve the best environmental outcomes, whilst recognizing social and economic aspects. Therefore the client needed to automate the business process for time tracking, reporting, and invoice generating. 365 Digital Consulting solution on Microsoft 365 is to let users enter their time data into an Office 365 timesheet.

The client holds major contracts with local councils and Sydney Water throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains. The great variety of projects highlighted a compelling need for a simplified and synchronized Office 365 SharePoint time tracker.

In order to let employees use SharePoint timesheets to allocate time to work packages, common tasks, or any other kind of task or activity that each subcontractor spent on the projects. This way, the client lacked a proper timesheet payroll calculator to function satisfactorily.

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What were the challenges of lacking an integrated system?


Have you ever been responsible for client invoicing and employees’ timesheet for time-based contracts? 

If so, you probably know that keeping track of time spent on each project within a company that has a lot of employees and handling various clients at the same time is not an easy task. 

Similarly, the client had been facing a widely diverse set of construction projects and needed cloud-based software for time tracking. Aside from that, those timesheets need to be approved by the relevant manager. Lastly, integration with the accounting system was another main feature that they were seeking to add to their timesheet in order to prevent double-entry of data into two systems.

Moreover, some of the employees in the company worked as a casual, whereas others received fixed salaries. So the client uses one of the most famous payroll software called Xero which is a cloud-based accounting solution. However, using this system brings its own challenges:

  1. Firstly, casual workers can’t register their own timelog in the accounting platform of Xero, they only have access to their SharePoint timesheet system. In other words, only the accountants have access to the data and can control the Xero system. 
  2. Secondly, the company has no other option but to purchase individual licenses for every employee they have in order to access Xero timesheet, having multiple licenses will cost companies much money.

Our Office 365 timesheet solution


365 Digital Consulting provided an advanced office 365 time-tracker system using MS Teams. It allows users to enter the details of their working hours upon manager approval. With the help of SharePoint and Xero integration, working hours submit into both the accounting system of Xero and Office 365 timesheet. In addition, it allows managers to submit timesheets on behalf of casual workers.

This innovation lets the clients have the best of both worlds as it integrates Office 365 with Xero. Here’s how it works exactly:

Using Microsoft PowerApps, 365 Digital Consulting enabled users to individually register their timesheets using Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams time-tracking system. Then with the help of Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow), the data will be sent to the specified managers.

Once the managers verify the activities, the confirmation automatically records in the Xero system as a new row of the timesheet.

After the submission of the working hours into the Xero system, the timesheet payroll calculator automatically computes employees’ wages and generates payrolls.

Therefore, you unlock the power of Microsoft 365 solutions alongside the capabilities of Xero altogether. This way the client benefits from the advantages of automatic timesheet invoicing by using Xero and Office 365 timesheet integration.

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Office 365 Timesheet solution

Results of Office 365 timesheet and Xero integration


365 Digital Consulting innovative approach has made it possible for the business owner to enjoy the features of the Xero system alongside Microsoft 365 tools without costing them a fortune. 

The integration helps the company staff to have all the data of the project in Microsoft 365 next to other business information in one handy place, and as the client had already purchased the Microsoft 365 license they could make the most of SharePoint integration with Xero system.

The timesheet payroll calculator also registers all the data into the Xero system every fortnight based on pay period while it releases the accountant from  double entering those details and manual checks.

This way, timesheet invoice generator can easily calculate and send invoices to customers based on the exact time that all staff spent on the project and save a great deal of time since they don’t have to perform repeated tasks on and on.



Instead of buying new timesheet app and pay for its monthly subscription, you can build your own timesheet app on top of Microsoft Office 365 platform using custom solution on MS Teams or SPFx on SharePoint. This will give you flexibility to approve timesheets based on your organisational chart by relevant manager using Power Automate. SharePoint timesheet solutions allow you to keep track of approved records and rejected timesheets. In addition, you don’t need to pay extra license for it.

Integrating timesheet into accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB will decrease human effort for manual data entry for your accounting team as well as reducing chance of error. Using API and Power Automate, we can automatically push time log entries from timesheet into payroll module of your accounting software so it decrease workload of finance team.

It is possible that the output of your chosen timesheet app such as Clockify, Toggl, Harvest, Hubstaff and TSheets push into your accounting software and a monthly invoice will be generated for your client automatically rather than manually re-entering them for the purpose of invoice generation. Using API and Power Automate, we have built integration between timesheet app and accounting software which automatically generate invoice for your client.

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