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Software Development Life Cycle

At 365 Digital Consulting, we closely follow the Software Development Life Cycle. In fact, it is a part of our basics and we make sure to follow it for all projects. This allows the team at 365 Digital Consulting to carry on and complete the tasks in a professional manner, keeping our clients happy and satisfied with the job.

We Do it The Professional Way

The experts at 365 Digital Consulting are highly qualified and skilled. We know what it takes to wrap a project successfully within the designated time and budget. We make sure to utilize all our efforts and expertise to bring you the results you hired us for. With our experts by your side, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

365 digital consulting Process

The Steps to A Successfully Completed Project

sharing ideas


It begins with you sharing your project idea with us. We will assign you a business analyst to go over the requirements. Later, our client and business analyst spend a half-day where they work together and create high level scoping for the project. The quote is then provided based on the scope of the project.



The next step is the creation of project scope. Our team will work closely with your business analyst to list down the functional specifications, high-level design diagram, WBS, plans for iterations/sprint and deliverables. This list serves as a guiding light to the project until it is completed.


Next step, and the most important one, is the design and development. It begins with creating the Software Design Document, project plans and test plans. These documents detail out the deliverables that the team is working on. The team creates a software prototype that simulates the future software and send it to the client to receive their feedback. Once the client gives their approval, the team continues to create the final version according to the requirements set forth by the client.
Testing our process


The initial testing is done in-house. Once the team is satisfied with the outcome, the final testing is done on product. The software is provided to the client along with a user guide to make sure it functions as planned.
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The solution is delivered to the client for UAT testing. It follows bug fixing by our developers that ensures that the software works the right way and pass the acceptance criteria set by the client in scoping phase. We also make sure to follow the best practices and standards of the industry.


Once the project is completed and tested, it is delivered to the client. The client will receive some of the following items based on agreement in scoping phase: . Software product . Requirements analyse document . Design document . User/admin guide . Installation, maintenance and backup instructions . Source code . Warranty
365 digital consulting group support


We believe in providing continuous support to our clients. We take care of professional issues and handle project lifecycles effectively. We also take care of new features, bug fixing, enhancements and future phases of the project to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.
if you would like to know more or just have a chat give us a call, will we be more than happy to help.