Our company social responsibility

We are Committed to Protecting the Environment and Community

We at 365 Digital Consulting try our utmost to act with ethics and make positive changes to our environmental performance. We have applied comprehensive principles and practices to our community and developed commitment to environmental sustainability.

Saving trees

On average each employee uses 10,000 copy sheets of paper each year. Making paper needs wood and water, and this means many trees have to be taken down. Remember 2019-20 Australia’s bushfires which were declared as the worst wildlife disasters in the country’s history. The catastrophic wildfire burnt 19 million hectares, which consisted of 12.6 million hectares of forest and bushland.  

Billions of trees were burnt during the bushfires, but businesses still consume a large number of sheets of paper every day. It is important to be aware of the impact that each company has on the environment, so these old solutions have to be replaced by new paperless solutions.

Apart from environmental outcomes, reducing paper consumption has a substantial impact on businesses’ finance. Software solutions release less waste compared to old solutions and are more budget-friendly in the long run. As a software development company, we are committed to boost our environmental performance and create value for our clients, staff, and our partners.


Charity and volunteering work


We provide financial aid as well as providing the opportunity for our community to participate in voluntary activities through a range of programs.

Nearly 1 in 10 children worldwide are subjected to child labour. 365 Digital Consulting tries to help disadvantaged children to participate in educational courses in order to escape illiteracy and poverty.  Disadvantaged children may be compelled to work for different reasons, which can affect their mental and physical health. For this reason, we believe all children around the world should attain acceptable education to build a better future for themselves.  

Saving energy and water efficiency

Paper production needs enormous amounts of energy and water. Its production process leads to air pollution, carbon emissions, and waste problems, at 365 Digital Consulting we provide paperless solutions for businesses and manufacturers. This way our customers can make sure by utilizing paperless solutions they can make a positive impact on saving energy and other environmental effects such as deforestation.

we save trees

Our sustainability policy demonstrates that we are aware of our actions’ outcome and we attempt to establish sustainability considerations into our business decisions.