PowerApps Development

With our Power Apps development services, have high-quality custom business apps for mobile and desktop devices at your fingertips. We provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities for your company.

PowerApps Development

With our Power Apps development services, have high-quality custom business apps for mobile and desktop devices at your fingertips. We provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities for your company.

Having your own business app sets you apart from your rivals by proving a smart way of data transformation, customer service, and employee collaboration. Business users may now easily handle challenges in the workplace thanks to new no-code and low-code application development options.

Our PowerApps development service are a way to provide tailor-made solutions for organisations specified for the needs of each business. Building your own business app assists organisations to speed up digital transformation and get things done efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development Using PowerApps?

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives and they affect how people get through their day. By developing custom mobile apps for your business, you allow your staff to stay connected all the time, engaged, and efficient. Also, businesses mostly have some field workers who are attending onsite to accomplish a job. That can be installers who install a printer or an ADSL provider who send technician to fix internet connectivity issues.

Those field workers need some apps to find the job details and client details such as the address to travel there and then to allow them to capture information related to the job that they are doing such as issue details.
Businesses can utilize Office 365 development services to present data for their remote workers and allow them to capture information on the go without the need to come back to the office and use their computers.

PowerApps development solutions allow businesses to develop these types of mobile apps quickly and the low code development engine allows them to change the process as business requirement change during the year. So, the ability to apply change easily without requiring coding knowledge is one of its benefits.

In addition, the mobile apps that are developed on Android or iOS using the code normally take 2 to 3 times longer than developing the same app using PowerApps. and need more effort while the graphical UI designer mode of PowerApps allows rapid mobile app development.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development Using PowerApps

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Office 365 Power Apps development steps

Creating an app from scratch with Power Apps might be a little overwhelming. To develop an app using Power Apps you need to think of all the information and details of your idea. Before explaining Power Apps development steps, we need to know different types of Power Apps development. Here are 3 types of developments used to build custom business apps:

Canvas apps: You can design and build apps from a canvas in Power Apps just by dragging and dropping elements onto your canvas. You will have more flexibility while building your app compared to model-driven apps.

Model-driven apps: This approach lets you add different components and elements like charts, forms, dashboards, views, and business processes to tables.  It is mostly used for apps that require more complex business logic.

Portals: Businesses can have a new type of website that let users who are outside of the company to log in and securely interact with data in Microsoft Dataverse.

Now that we have covered different Office 365 PowerApps development types, you can learn about the steps of developing Power Apps solutions.

Office 365 Power Apps development steps
making process automation power apps design

1. Plan


This step is one of the most important parts of Power Apps development, in this stage you need to consider the problem, end users, and objectives of the app.

To accurately plan your app, you need to break down the business process and identify the main issues. Clarifying what the problems are, is a great way to ensure you don’t get distracted of what you need and what features to prioritize.

2. Design


After gathering all the necessary information in the planning phase, you will need to design the concept and architecture of your app. The architectural design defines how you will use Power Apps to automate your process such as storing data, integrations, designing data structure, and securing data.

Be aware that by optimizing your processes you will avoid having so many steps that may confuse employees.

Tasks for creating and viewing expense reports
designing power apps

3. Create


The next step after planning and designing an app is to actually make it. This step heavily depends on which type of Power Apps development you are assuming to make whether it’s canvas app, model-driven, or portal.

4. Test


Now that you have built the app, it is time to start testing it. There are 3 types of tests:

  • Unit tests: to see if various functions and features are working correctly.
  • End-to-end tests: to check if the overall solution operates correctly.
  • User acceptance tests: this test is done by the end users to ensure the outcome matches the needs of the users.

5. Publish and share


You can now lunch your app and make it available for production use. Collecting feedback: analyzing the telemetry and getting feedbacks is an important way to help you refine and improve your app. Power Apps analytics ensures you of the app usage by providing information about the active users, devices used, locations, and service performance.

testing power apps

Rapid app development (RAD) with PowerApps and Power Automate

Rapid application development (RAD) is a method that concentrates on developing apps rapidly. To complete a project, RAD has a specified set of four phases. The objective of RAD is to cut down on planning time so you can focus on the design and production phase. Even if certain processes are repeated, you’ll end up with a product that your team and stakeholders will be pleased of.

  • Define the project’s specifications
  • Create prototypes
  • Building, testing, and incorporating feedback are all steps in the process
  • Complete the project and put it into action

PowerApps features allow us to use RAD methodology for developing any custom web application that a business might need.

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