365 Workley

A complete and fully custom field service app for small businesses to automate onsite processes.

365 Workley is a field service application that let businesses dispatch technicians to customers’ locations and provide onsite services. This piece of software is the best choice for businesses that send onsite staff members to different locations in order to operate different tasks. 365 Workley lets users to automate workflows, schedule tasks, and update tasks status real-time.

Our custom field service software is a work order management solution built on Microsoft 365 that can generate quotes, issue invoices, receive payment receipts, allocate jobs to staff members, track all activities and schedules related to a work order, locate and manage project locations on the map view, capture all documents, and store clients’ data for customer support services.

How 365 Workley works?

1. Requests


Clients can submit their requests in two different ways:

  • The first way is when they add their request directly from company’s website. In this case, the request will be automatically submitted on the system.
  • The second approach is when they contact the company via email, phone call, or …. this way admin members of the company can manually add the request on 365 Workley.
  • So, by creating a new estimate and defining details of the project an initial quote will be generated.

2. Quote


After submission of the request, it is necessary to provide quotes to the customer. Since 365 Workley can be connected to your financial systems such as Xero or QuickBooks; it automatically generates the initial quote based on the information on the WOM system on SharePoint and sends email notifications to the clients.

3. Approval


Clients can approve or reject quotes after receiving them. If the client does not approve or reject the quotes at a defined period of time, the system sends follow-up notifications to the client as a reminder.

4. Job


When the financial processes are fully done, 365 Workley schedules and dispatches the right field staff to the client’s location.

Since this work order management solution is made on top of the Office 365 environment, it utilizes full capabilities of the Microsoft 365 suite including SharePoint, Outlook calendar, Power Automate, and PowerApps as its mobile app.

Therefore, after assigning tasks to technicians the task will be added to their Outlook/google calendar as well. Our custom solution even has its own scheduler to monitor all tasks from all projects running by all sub-contractors.

work order management and xero integration

5. Final invoice


After accomplishing the project, using the integration between 365 Workley and the financial system, a final invoice will be generated based on products and services delivered to customers. And when the payment is captured in QuickBooks or Xero, the payment receipt will be stored on SharePoint.

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365 Workley features

Optimize scheduling

  1. Calendar API for appointment setting
  2. Scheduling, and resource utilisation management
  3. Scheduling recommendations for job allocation to subcontractors

Get notified about new events

  1. Customised notification system on Power Automate for editable email content
  2. Automated estimations, job tasks and workflow notifications

Navigate to the location

  1. Check client addresses and navigate to their location.
  2. Get assignee recommendations based on employees’ location.
  3. Step-by-step travel directions 

Other features

Remote expert collaboration: Get help from experts to enhance the operation rate onsite.

Capture photos, videos, and voice notes with the mobile app: Add explanations and attachments about each task

Manage work orders: Update tasks status online

Manage appointment schedules: Access and manage customer’s data, conditions, and maps

Scheduling recommendations: use automated or manual scheduling to choose the appropriate technician at the right time.

Get insights: Optimize your work processes by using rich insight dashboards of Power BI.

Easy-to-use mobile application: to optimize tasks operated by field technicians.

Why 365 Workley?

365 Workley is a custom work order management software specifically built for small businesses which deliver onsite services to clients. Some of the benefits of 365 Workley are:

No license fee anymore

Stop paying different systems' license fee every month. With 365 Workley you do not need to pay for monthly subscription plans, instead you will just pay for your custom app once and benefit its features for a lifetime.

Tailor-made for you

We, in 365 Digital Consulting, design and develop your custom work order management system very carefully. We keep all your business requirements in mind and design all the features your business needs precisely.

You own the app

365 Workley is designed specifically for your business and after purchasing it you do not need to pay for it anymore and you completely own the system.

Microsoft 365 ecosystem

You can leverage the benefits of your custom field service software along with the Microsoft 365 capabilities. 365 Workley is built on top of Office 365 and it is connected to Office 365 suite.

There are many field service systems available, and Dynamics 365 field service can be mentioned as one of the most well-known choices. Dynamics 365 field service costs $130.40 AUD per user/month and if you are a business with 20 employees you need to pay $31,300 AUD annually, which may not be a cost-effective solution for a business of this size.

Off-the-shelf products like Jobber and UpKeep are among popular field service systems, however, one of the main downfalls of these systems is that it is not customizable. We know every business is unique in its needs and delivering custom solutions to businesses can be a game changer in the efficiency of the apps.

365 Workley is a tailor-made work order management software with a budget-friendly price to let small businesses enhance productivity and save their staff time by automating processes.

Stay in the flow of work with 365 Workley mobile app

365 Workley supports a user-friendly mobile app to enable field staff to view work orders, customer assets, accounts, and contacts on the go. Since the mobile app is built on Microsoft Power Platforms, all information and data flow seamlessly between Microsoft 365 apps.

Field staff members can observe work order details on their mobile phones. They can access clients’ contact information to reach their site on the due date and after completing tasks, they can mark them as completed along with the products used.

There is also a note tab provided to insert descriptions of the operated task and attach pictures or videos if needed. These descriptions let users record a relevant work history.

The mobile app offers various capabilities to let technicians flawlessly perform onsite services, they are able to:

  • View assigned tasks
  • Add timesheets
  • Upload related attachments such as project pictures or videos
  • Add notes and descriptions
  • Update job status when they accomplished tasks
  • Capture the client’s signature

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Customer Success Story

Lacking a work order management solution can cause many challenges. For example, our client had to utilize several applications to accomplish their objectives and human error made everything more challenging than it had to be.

After the implementation of work order management on Office 365, team members could easily find out about ongoing projects and their open tasks, the customer queue for quotes or invoices, and scheduled site visits with just a simple search. In essence, the whole workflow was automated from the beginning of an incoming request from a website till the completion of a concrete project including all financial transactions.

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