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Office 365 Consulting

Is Office 365 confusing your staff? Do you not understand to use which of those 20+ app in which scenario? Are you using the most out of your investment or do you just use Outlook, Word and Excel as many others? Are you doubt which functionality you can achieve using SharePoint, Teams, PowerApps and Power Automate and what is not a out of the box feature that can be developed?

If you need to build a custom solution or integration on your Microsoft 365 platform for your business but don’t know where to begin, we are here with an impartial experience for the most substantial returns on your investment. You can expect to get a full range of Office 365 consulting, Microsoft 365 consulting, Dynamics 365 consulting services, and also, out of box features.

Our Approach to Office 365 Consultancy

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint are more and more getting adopted by business owners. As Australian award-winning Microsoft partner, we help our clients work through the best ways to leverage Microsoft 365 tools that best suit them.

SharePoint Consulting - Implementation


What we offer as our consulting services covers both technical and strategic aspects of implementing Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies in your firm. Our dedicated team of office 365 consultants can explain you best practices and samples for your industry that can be personalized based on your requirements and ultimate goals.

Office 365 consulting - custom solution

Office 365 Consulting - Custom Solution


During two decades of our experience, we found out that most of the businesses purchase small piece of software here and there to cover specific functions such as Timesheet, Expense claim, purchase order form, leave request, work order management but they ended up having multiple software which do not talk to each other.

The integration and having island of information will create lots of problem as they grow because there is no way to get a report from multiple software. Despite from that not having integrated solution means that staff need to double enter information between those separate software and that result in wasting their valuable time and increasing human errors.

On the other hands we have seen many business owners use parallel software to keep their data and documents in the cloud such as Box, Google drive, Dropbox and other provider while they also pay for their Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 Consulting - Integrated Solution


We will allow our client to get the most out of their investment on office 365 by building those separate functional form, workflow and systems on top of their Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem so that they don’t need to pay for yearly subscription of multiple pieces of software.

Also, the end solution is on their MS platform means that everything is in one place so better user experience. Once it reaches to reporting, you would have all the information in one integrated system which means ability to have complex combined reporting.

We also expert on REST API and Graph API integration that allow us to connect your systems together which save a lot of staff time and effort to double enter information in multiple systems and having more robust system.

Lastly, we will save the business owner thousands of dollars per year on the licensing, not only by building those tools for them on Office 365, but also with migrating all of their document into SharePoint and OneDrive which allow to turn off other cloud base system. That’s because an organization might be at a different stage of using such technologies compared to its other counterparts.

Office 365 consulting - integrated solution

Microsoft Office 365 Customisation

Our experienced Microsoft 365 consultants are well aware that businesses falling under different industry domains don’t have the same needs. More specifically, even in the same industry, the business requirement can vary to a great extent.

As an example, SharePoint is a great document management system but it is not design for a specific industry. When a recruitment company want to use SharePoint as a candidate portal or storage for all candidate CV, the terminology and user experience is not great. We make adjustment required to convert SharePoint as a generic documents management to a recruitment agency solution for managing candidate CV.

Another example can be a real estate agency who is going to use SharePoint as their lease agreement management solution or general building repair and maintenance solution while SharePoint out of the box feature will do the base, it is still far below than user expectation for that particular industry. So, with a right SharePoint consulting firm, you will make sure that users will have the best experience.

Therefore, a full assessment and in-depth evaluations are fundamentally essential before putting any of these office 365 services into use. No matter if you need intranet or customer extranet portal, SharePoint customisation, PowerApps developments, workflow automation, API Integration or even migration from G Suite to Office 365, our team provides the best industry-approved office 365 solution that fit your organization.

The decision to implement Office 365 is a big one and Office 365 User Adoption and Change Management services are an important part of any successful Office 365 rollout. If you want to ensure that your staff, processes and systems are all aligned, you need to make sure your employees are ready for the change, processes are in place to support it, and your IT systems are compatible. The good news is 365 Digital Consulting has helped hundreds of organisations transition to Office 365 successfully. Our Office 365 User Adoption and Change Management services will ensure this next step is also successful for you.

Office 365 Support Services

Our office 365 consulting services do not end when you finalize your purchase. A professional Microsoft 365 technical partner would help user to enjoy more and be able to focus on their work rather than dealing with technical issues. After delivering the solutions, our Microsoft 365 experts will be by your side to assure the success of project implementation and user adoption.

We help your staff embrace these new Microsoft 365 changes entirely and have no difficulty using them. Moreover, the efficiency of these systems should also be correctly measured for potential improvement. For instance, an integration with a third-party systems and Microsoft 365 tools could result in saving staff time and the ROI should be visible once integration in place.

These insights are precious touchstones that meet the needs of evolving Microsoft 365 ecosystem and creating a roadmap for further business growth. Sometimes a short plan runs everything smoothly in a short time, whereas in some cases, a series of long-term strategies are needed to be formulated to be successful in the present and future.

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Choose the Best Office 365 Plan

You can find flexible SharePoint consulting plans and Microsoft 365 services on our website and choose the option that best matches your budget and business needs right away.

Did you know that you can have Office 365 licensing just for $7 per month per user. As Microsoft 365 licensing is a bit confusing, make sure you consult with us before purchasing your license. We offer you the best solution possible on any scale at any time to make sure the implemented outcome will be the high-end tailor-made solution for your enterprise.

if you would like to know more or just have a chat give us a call, will we be more than happy to help.