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Work order management systems help you easily track and manage work orders. We have delivered customized SharePoint work order management solutions that automatically generate quotes and invoices in Xero or QuickBooks. It also captures customer requests from WordPress websites and schedules subcontractors’ timetables.

The Client Company


Concrete Experts is a dominant provider for polyurethane foam leveling and lifting they also deliver other services such as foam injection, concrete sealing, and custom concrete work. Their goal is to provide high-quality work, communication, and delivery.

To achieve their business goal and to bring high customer service to their clients they needed to have a proper work order management system. This way they could organize all the projects and related tasks internally to stay ahead of deadlines. As the company grows, it will not only need to provide high-quality products but also plan on offering the highest customer journey. That is why they asked 365 digital consulting to develop and implement a complete custom Office 365 work order management solution.

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Challenges of lacking a custom work order management system


Lacking a proper work order management system may cause several problems for example different tasks might be lost, customer satisfaction decreases, and team members may have difficulty accessing data or losing track of the latest status of a project. 

Lacking a work order management solution can cause many challenges. For example, they had to utilize several applications to accomplish their objectives and human error made everything more challenging than it had to be. This client was using one of the top 5 work order management systems in the world called Jobber for managing all their internal workload.

Also, they were using Estimate Rocket as a custom quote generating system for the construction and concrete industry. But each of those applications were lacking some of the features that they need. Some of the features were not customizable to the level that the client expected. The lack of ability to customize those two systems and not being able to integrate smoothly was the main challenge of the client and as a result, the client decide to move out of both and order a new integrated all-in-one custom solution that not only contain everything but also have immediate synchronization with their QuickBooks.

Furthermore, the company used QuickBooks Online software as their finance system. They had to enter the same data into three separate software; the accounting system, the internal system, and the shared calendar with subcontractors. 

The client asked 365 Digital Consulting to plan and implement a SharePoint work order management system on Office 365 to overcome these difficulties.

How did the work order management solution on Office 365 help small business?


365 Digital Consulting helped Concrete Experts by utilizing a process automation solution on Office 365 to address their issues. Using SharePoint, we designed a custom work order management solution that could generate quotes, issue invoices, receive payment receipts, allocate jobs to staff members, track all activities and schedules related to a work order, locate and manage project locations on the map view, capture all documents, and store clients’ data for customer support services.

After the work order management solution implementation, the client’s request can be submitted to the system in two different ways; the first way is when their customers add their request directly from their website and the second way is to manually add requests to the system by admin staff. For example, if a client makes their request by giving a call to the company, the admin can add their customer’s request to the system manually.

When the request is submitted, the tasks should be assigned to the related team members in order to serve the customer. For this purpose, they would create a new estimate, define who is in charge of the tasks, what sorts of items are needed for that project, and schedule a suitable time to inspect the project location if needed.


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SharePoint work order management solution

After providing an initial estimation in the system, the client receives their initial quote. This work order management solution is connected to Xero or QuickBooks as the accounting software for small businesses. So, all the quotes and invoices will be generated automatically based on the information on the WOM system on SharePoint and send email notifications to the clients, which saves a great amount of staff’s time. Also, if the clients do not approve or reject the quotes at a specific time, the system will send follow-up notifications to the clients as a reminder.

After the job is done, the invoice will be generated and sent to the client; Then after the payment is captured in the Quick books or Xero, the payment receipt will be generated in the system.

Since this work order management solution is made on top of the Office 365 environment, it utilizes full capabilities of the Office 365 suite including SharePoint, Outlook calendar, Power Automate, and PowerApps as its mobile app. Therefore, after assigning tasks to team members the task will be added to their Outlook/google calendar as well. Our custom solution even has its own scheduler to monitor all tasks from all projects running by all sub-contractors.

We also designed a mobile app using PowerApps for field staff members. This app lets field workers access data anywhere they need it. The foremost benefit of this app is that team members can monitor their own tasks on their mobile phones, add timesheets, upload related files such as project pictures, add notes and change job status and descriptions when they accomplished tasks.

Results of SharePoint work order management solution


After the implementation of work order management on Office 365, team members could easily find out about the ongoing projects and their open tasks, the customer queue for quotes or invoices, and scheduled site visits with just a simple search. In essence, the whole workflow was automated from the beginning of an incoming request from a website till the completion of a concrete project including all financial transactions.

The integrated SharePoint work order management solution with Xero and QuickBooks expedites the flow of documents and makes it easier to find certain information all within one system. It provides a 360-degree view of the project from all aspects of it. Work order management software helped our client to keep their work orders on track and ensure that the assigned tasks are completed as efficiently as possible



Work order management solution on Office 365 provides a centralized place for all the information about the job or work order and its status. It allow the business owner and managers to monitor real-time status, updates job, track completion and to indicate the process from beginning to completing of that task or job.

It will help to:
– Streamlined workforce management
– Show Task realtime status
– Improved Planning
– booking and scheduling
– Facilitates working with contractors and sub contractors.
– Improve customer satisfaction.
– Eliminates Paperwork
– Automate and streamline process

A comprehensive WOM solution consist of:
– Built-in CRM
– Scheduling
– Quoting
– Email Communication between contractors, client, office
– Scheduling
– Job form
– Job search and filtering
– Work order status
– Invoicing
– Reporting

Lacking a proper work order management system can cause several problems such as missing work order and failure to do the job, reduced customer satisfaction, chance of not invoicing or receiving payment once job is completed, inability to track jobs and priorities, and there would be no clear indication of the latest order status at any moment.

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