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Kleen Condition is a leading Canadian home service business with decades of unrivaled experience in asbestos and mold removal. The company has gained an excellent reputation all over Southwestern Ontario as a result of carrying out numerous successful commercial and residential projects. The high number of daily customers had created tons of problems for the team. In particular, they needed work order management on Office 365.

The Kleen Condition company has been in business since 1989 and uses certified staff to provide home services by the highest standards. These standards follow certain procedures like Ontario Regulation 278/05. They were looking to eliminate the challenges through automating and streamlining the workflows. To overcome the issues, they came to 365 Digital Consulting for SharePoint work order management solutions on Office 365.

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Challenges of lacking a work order management system

Several tasks, such as sending prices to customers and offering them the required service, were sometimes forgotten.
There was no clear indication of the latest order status for each customer.
They lost a good number of customers due to poor customer experience.
Team members had difficulty accessing the data in an efficient manner.
There were two major disadvantages to lacking an integrated system. Firstly, they had to utilize several applications to accomplish their objectives and secondly, human error made everything more challenging than it had to be.

These hurdles, along with high levels of customer dissatisfaction, incentivised Kleen Condition into thinking about a process automation solution using Microsoft 365. The company intended to have everything in one comprehensive Office 365 platform with customized features that were tailor-made for their specific needs.
Furthermore, the company used an accounting system called QuickBooks for draft and invoice issuance, and Xero system for their finance. They had to enter the same data into three separate databases; accounting system, internal system, and the shared calendar with subcontractors. Lacking a proper work order management system was cumbersome, and it was a waste of time that could be spent on other activities.

The client asked 365 Digital Consulting to plan and implement a SharePoint work order management system on Office 365 to overcome these difficulties.

How did Work Order Management on Office 365 help?

365 Digital Consulting helped Kleen Condition by utilizing process automation for small business on Office 365 to address the issues they had been facing. The solutions consisted of three main elements:

  • PowerApps for unique mobile app
  • SharePoint for data storage
  • Flow for automation

Using PowerApps, we designed a SharePoint work order management solution on Office 365 that would add new tasks to the app right after the customer’s call. This way, the most current status was reflected in SharePoint. For example, the status would be changed to “Price Sent” automatically after sending the price. Next by integrating QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and TextMarketer with SharePoint/Office 365, all the customer agreements, coordination with subcontractors, issuing the invoices, and approvals, were all displayed in SharePoint by a change in the status tag.

Additionally, Kleen Condition was eager to perform all the tasks in a single application. We utilized Microsoft Teams software as they had already purchased a license for it.

By Xero integration and Quickbooks Integration with SharePoint, the accounting information would be integrated into the three mentioned systems without multiple data entries. Also using TextMarketer and MailChimp integration with SharePoint, new functionality was brought to the company that allowed them to send the necessary emails to customers and to get reviews from clients automatically.

Results of SharePoint work order management solution

After the implementation of SharePoint work order management on Office 365 using PowerApps, team members could find out about the ongoing process tags, the customer waiting list for prices, and site visits with just a simple search. In essence, the whole workflow was automated.

The Microsoft Teams software likewise facilitated many tasks for them. It not only provided them with a PowerApps tab for the mentioned challenges, but also allowed them to record phone calls and meetings with customers.

The integrated SharePoint work order management solution using Office 365 helps KleenCondition expedite the flow of documents and makes it easier to find certain information within the system.

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