Dynamics 365 CRM Integration and Customisation

A Dynamics CRM integration solution connects your CRM tools and the third-party systems. Dynamics CRM customisation provides a user-friendly interface that is aligned with your own core business processes

The Client Company


Better Business Partnership is a free business sustainability program funded by Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney, and Willoughby City Councils in Sydney, Australia. This program promotes and supports small and medium-sized businesses to be more successful through sustainability. They do it by educating and providing free advice for local businesses of all types.

In other words, BBP guides these businesses to be more efficient with their resources and make operational improvements to achieve environmental, social, and economic gains for long-term success. BBP used an online assessment platform called “Brilliant Assessment” for data collection and evaluation of the businesses, totally separated from their CRM. Thus, double data entry to CRM was a serious issue for this client.  

BBP has been supporting local businesses in Sydney’s north shore since 2009. In short, this company is helping thousands of local small and medium-sized businesses to save money on energy, water, and waste costs.  

365 Digital Consulting helped them with the integration of their third-party assessment software and the company’s CRM, resulting in saving lots of time and avoiding double data entriesAdditionally, with the new customised solution, they were able to capture extra details regarding their customers and the customers’ evaluation.

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What were the challenges?


The main challenges of the project were:  
1.    Firstly, BBP was using two systems. One was Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for managing day-to-day cooperation and building business relationship with their clients.

Secondly, there was third-party online assessment tool for providing sustainability assessments to their business members. The assessment software used by BBP was a tool that generated fully personalized feedback for developing engagement. However this software didn’t have any link to the BBP’s CRM, so the staff had to enter each assessment into the CRM manually. As a result, This could trigger some issues including: 

  •         Time-consuming process 
  •         High possibility of human error 
  •         Low efficiency of the process  

2.    Meanwhile, another challenge regarding the CRM was that in the process of data transferring, some information were missing due to the lack of proper fields and features in CRM. Therefore, the staff has to manually capture some details.  

Thus, BBP asked 365 Digital Consulting for implementing Dynamics 365 CRM integration and customisation solution for optimizing their business process.

What solutions did we provide?


First and foremost, the data retrieval of assessment information on a daily basis and storing it into dynamics CRM was the basic phase of this project.

One of the required features was extracting appropriate reports from the collected data which was totally impossible with the previous company’s system. 

The second phase of the project consisted of integrating BBP’s CRM and the assessment software. 

Our team at 365 Digital consulting designed a system by Power Automate, allowing the integration of the assessment software using its REST API and storing the data into the CRMOnce the data was entered in the assessment software and an assessment was completed, the integration solution transferred them into the CRM on daily basis.   

Moreover, some customisations were applied to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement module. Therefore the equivalent sections to the assessment software were built on the CRM.  

In addition, by developing some reports, the client had better insight and analysis on their data.
Furthermore, some new features were added to the CRM. These features include populating the evaluation resultsrecalculating the score of each categoryre-accreditation process, importing data of previous years, and Mailchimp Integration using API.

What were the results of Dynamics 365 CRM Integration and Customisation?


Following the implementation of the integration phase of the Dynamics CRM Integration and Customisation project, the staff could save lots of the data entry time and there was no need for double data entry in the CRM. Also, the accuracy of data has been improved and human errors have been prevented during the process.   

Finally, after the second phase of the project, that is to say,  CRM Customisation, relevant fields of data input enabled the client to have a flawless database of details for each business they credited. Moreover, various reporting dashboards helped BBP to make better business decisions and uncover the value of their data.



There exist a plenty of CRM systems but some provide more feature and some are designed for specific industries. But Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce are among the top list of CRM which allow highest level of customisation to fit your business. You can shape them as you wish to fulfill your requirements. You only need to have right Dynamics 365 CRM consultant to customise it for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to integrate with any application that support API. Using Power Automate and REST API, you can connect your application including ERP, MIS, Inventory, Accounting and so on to your Dynamics CRM. Also Dynamics 365 CRM provide API on all of its action so any other system is able to call an specific action in CRM using its webhook.

You can implement Dynamics CRM customisations in some extent. When it reach to more complex customisation and automation, you would need a Dynamics 365 expert to apply such changes and use either custom code or Power Automate to achieve a streamline process aligned with your business.

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