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Office 365 Migration

After the release of the new version of Microsoft SharePoint, enterprises are looking to migrate and upgrade their data to the newer version. 365 Digital Consulting helps enterprises migrate other document management solutions to Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint on-premises to newer versions or migrate to SharePoint Online on Office 365. Cloud migration not only helps your business become more dynamic but also provides secure cloud-based approaches for the permanent accessibility of files and services.
An important pre-requirement for online SharePoint migration for many enterprises is to migrate their emails to Office 365. Small businesses who are using G Suite and expand their business need to migrate emails from Gmail to Office 365 first to be able to use the full potential of the office 365 collaboration suite.



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Why your business needs Office 365 Migration?

Office 365 & SharePoint have revolutionized the way organizations operate. SharePoint is evolving and more and more new features are being added to it with each new release. That makes the cloud migration to SharePoint vital. Below are some of the reasons why businesses should migrate to SharePoint Online:

High security


When it comes to trusting cloud technologies, security is one of the most important factors for businesses. Microsoft provides the highest security to sensitive, confidential, and business-critical data. Microsoft also keeps several levels of backup to bring the highest security for its customers. Microsoft 365 which is the new name for Office 365 support more than 90 global and local standard including ISO 27001, ISO 27018, DoD, APRA, HIPPA, GDPR, PASF, G-Cloud and many more.

No more migrations


Migration to SharePoint Online is full of challenges. But once the job is done, organisations can be confident that they won’t need to perform any more migrations afterward. After the cloud migration, users get the latest features of the update on their platform. However, upgrading on-premise versions need effort and time for re-migration in the future.

reasons for Office 365 Migration
reduce costs by SharePoint migration

Reduced Cost


SharePoint Online migration reduces some upfront costs. These costs may contain purchasing a new license of on-premise server, windows and SQL server license, backup and Infrastructure costs, etc. But using a total cloud solution reduces your overall costs since you don’t have to pay for separate accounts and storage. The main cost saving would be no further need to have a SharePoint admin or DB admin as Microsoft teams manage all activities regarding platform maintenance, patch, backup, or updates.

Increase engagement and productivity


SharePoint simplifies the process of exchanging information alongside effortless collaboration between team members. You can personalize the way your staff communicate and provide them with easy-to-use dashboards to keep everyone in the loop. It helps to share documents easily and improves the findability of documents within an enterprise.



The foremost quality of going the SharePoint route is its great flexibility. Using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), we render custom web parts on a modern SharePoint page. Additionally, we create custom solutions/apps based on client’s needs for each industry.

What are the steps for SharePoint Cloud Migration?

Getting rid of the frustrating document management solutions with a professional team allows you to accomplish business goals most efficiently. As a Microsoft partner, we simplify the steps of office 365 migration or SharePoint migration. These steps are as mentioned below:

Source data Trimming

Source data Trimming

The first step of Office 365 migration is to create a list of content and decide what to move. SharePoint migration is the best opportunity to get rid of unnecessary data and to sort out your documents.

Destination system designs

Destination system designs

We design a structure that will accommodate new content cleanly and make the system usable and well structure. The primary factors are:
  • Pages and we part
  • Site Templates
  • Site Structure
  • Navigation and menu
  • Metadata
  • Search
  • Permission
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Source and destination data mapping

Different systems store similar data in different ways. So a roadmap is needed to ensure the data gets to its destination accurately. This involves showing where similar data intersect and what to do with new, duplicate, and conflicting information.

office 365 Migration

Content migration (ETL)

Content and data migration is another part of SharePoint migration, this process traditionally called ETL (extract, transform, load) allows you to overcome potential challenges such as data loss or improper implementations. Your data should be thoroughly organized in the first place and then be transformed based on the mapping defined and classifications.

Testing and back up

Testing and back up

After the Office 365 migration, to make sure everything is running correctly, testing is vital. Our SharePoint experts design and operate a testing plan to ensure all the features, including customizations and third-party apps, are working as expected.


SharePoint migration process

Cloud migration can be time-consuming if not planned accurately. No matter if you want to migrate on your own or outsource the whole process, our SharePoint experts support all the steps you need to take and help you through this journey.

We support migration from other cloud services such as Office 365 tenant to tenant, migrate g suite to office 365, DropBox, and Slack, as well as SharePoint 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016 to SharePoint Online. Our team of experts can migrate your data to other destinations of your choice, such as Office 365 Teams, and OneDrive depending on the business scenario.

In the beginning, with the help of professional discovery tools, we analyze your content and structure tailor-made environments in an attempt to address the possible issues and we provide a health report and migration checklist. Next, based on the current environment, your data volume, workloads, emails, and other systems will be smoothly migrated to the destination service with the lowest business interruptions.

Office 365 Migration process and steps

How Office 365 migration helped our customers

Office 365 migration can open the pathway for digital transformations of all businesses and firms. A UK-based client providing research services across the country reached out to us to improve cooperation between team members and increase their efficiency with an integrated cloud-based platform.

They stored their data and project files locally, which had caused severe problems for them because it was not possible for all members to access what they need from anywhere. Considering the advantages of Office 365 migration, we utilized SharePoint online to make files and reports available to everyone on the cloud. We helped them to trim their data first and only migrate useful and updated content and leave outdated documents behind.

Researchers, doctors, and other team members can now access the project files through their portal and get the latest updates on a project status live. The collaboration between team members is currently highly improved thanks to the simultaneous access to Outlook and other Office 365 components.

If you are stuck using local systems for storing data or have old versions of cloud solutions, it’s about time for a SharePoint migration. Our experienced consultants can help you with different SharePoint services and implement a custom-made updated system in your company.

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