Zoho CRM and SharePoint Integration

After implementing Zoho CRM and SharePoint integration lawyers are able to easily manage legal cases and access documents related to a specific subject, they can interchangeably access data in both systems of Zoho CRM and SharePoint.

The Client Company


Bogdan Law Office Ltd is a law firm located in BirminghamEngland and has clients (families and companies) from all over the world that help them to obtain a positive UK immigration result.  Moreover, this company is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The OISC regulates UK immigration advisers, ensuring they are competent to act in the best interest of clients.

Therefore, they are permitted to provide professional UK immigration advice and services.  To enhance the information tracking quality regarding to each of their cases, the Bogdan Law Office uses an online CRM called Zoho. In addition, they use SharePoint Online for comprehensive data storagedocument management and sharing. However, we at 365 Digital Consulting, assisted them by implementing Zoho CRM and SharePoint Integration

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What Were the Challenges?


Using Microsoft SharePoint as a tool for gathering information from various sources like documents, tasks, appointments, and emails in one place is absolutely a clever choice for businesses with complicated document management processes like the Bogdan Law Office. 

The client also uses Zoho CRM for improving the customer relationship and acquiring more potential customers. However, the two systems were separated and any updates and linking of necessary sections between these two platforms were done manually. For instance, they had to pull the document ID of each of their cases from SharePoint and update it back with its referral link in Zoho CRM. On the other hand, they have to manually double entry all metadata from CRM to their SharePoint.

There was no clear indication of the latest order status for each customer.
They lost a good number of customers due to poor customer experience.
Team members had difficulty accessing the data in an efficient manner.
There were two major disadvantages to lacking an integrated system. Firstly, they had to utilize several applications to accomplish their objectives and secondly, human error made everything more challenging than it had to be.
These hurdles, along with high levels of customer dissatisfaction, incentivised KleenCondition into thinking about a process automation solution using Microsoft 365. The company intended to have everything in one comprehensive Office 365 platform with customized features that were tailor-made for their specific needs.

Furthermore, the company used an accounting system called QuickBooks for draft and invoice issuance, and Xero system for their finance. They had to enter the same data into three separate databases; accounting system, internal system, and the shared calendar with subcontractors. Lacking a proper work order management system was cumbersome, and it was a waste of time that could be spent on other activities.
The client asked 365 Digital Consulting to plan and implement a SharePoint work order management system on office 365 to overcome these difficulties.

What Solutions Did We Provide for Bogdan Law Office?


The solution 365 Digital Consulting offered to Bogdan was the integrating of Microsoft SharePoint and Zoho CRM based on utilizing them by Power Automate.
This solution works this way: when a case is registered in Zoho CRM, its related metadata information  (like the name, case ID, etc.) would be made and saved in a document set in SharePoint. Therefore, by having this integration we registered all the cases from CRM into SharePoint.

However, this is not the only outcome of this integration: Prior to this, they used to copy the referral link of each case from Zoho CRM to SharePoint manually, which we updated that link in SharePoint and vice versa; in SharePoint, each single document set has a URL, we updated that URL into Zoho CRM too. 

By doing this, when a lawyer is working on a case in Zoho CRM and wants to check its related documents, by just clicking on the link all the documents in SharePoint would be opened and conversely; when in SharePoint ecosystem, a lawyer can see all the metadata of each case in SharePoint without any need to switch to Zoho CRM. In case he/she wants to see the CRM, by clicking on the referral link it would be a very easy task.

Consequently, the metadata could be set, updated and stored in SharePoint online document set automatically and the workflow process completely eliminated the manual efforts for updating and tracking of the information. 

What Were the Final Results?

  • By implementing the project, the client was able to save their staff valuable time on multiple times data entry into two systems.
  • Since our solution improved their document management system and practice, it made their internal process smoother and kept data integrity between the two systems. As a result, the process does not depend on  human anymore, rather an automated process would sync information between the two systems. 
  • By closing a case in CRM, all the documents in SharePoint document set were moved to archive document library without any effort.
  • Users were able to interchangeably access data in both systems using the hyperlink provided. From CRM, users could easily access all the documents for a case and vice versa while they are in SharePoint and editing a document, they can easily access the customers’ records in CRM. So, switching between the two systems became effortless.
  • Customer service management was efficiently enhanced.
  • Highest Security, best performance, easy to maintain.



Since both Zoho CRM and SharePoint have REST API, it will allow an experienced developer to integrate it either to SharePoint or PowerApps or office 365 in general. This will allow to sync information between Zoho and SharePoint seamlessly. As an example details of a case can store in Zoho and any related document to that case can store in SharePoint with a link back to Zoho.

Zoho CRM and SharePoint integration let the users to create and edit clients’ data using Zoho and then save the related document to those data directly into Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint is a flexible platform that allow fully customisation. With the help of a SharePoint developer, you can create a customer database to share and store all of their information including contact details and purchase history and phone conversation on SharePoint list of Microsoft 365 Lists.

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