SharePoint Policy Management Solution

Implementing a SharePoint Policy Management Solution help organisations send important messages about policy updates to employees on their SharePoint Online platform that stores employees’ policy acknowledgment.

The Client Company


Organisations large and small, require employees to read, review and accept terms. With the help of SharePoint Policy Management Solution, 365 Digital Consulting could provide a user-friendly intranet to review and accept policy documents.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church is a very large church with around 20 million members across the world. It has lots of different branches in more than 8 countries and the southeast pacific division is active in the east and southeast of Asia and Oceania, and countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

This church has thousands of members who are in touch with it every day for various purposes. Hundreds of employees work in different parts of the church to take care of members, resulting in a large, integrated organization.
Having thousands of members compelled the organisation to think of using SharePoint for policy and procedure management for members to read and accept new messages and policies.

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SharePoint Online
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Challenges of lacking HR Policy Management on Office 365


They were using SharePoint as their internal intranet system. They asked 365 Digital Consulting to design a feature on their intranet system within Office 365 that could manage messages and policy acknowledgments on SharePoint easily and away from time-consuming and costly paper-based processes.
The main challenges they were facing include:

– Sending important messages on SharePoint intranet: They needed a system for sending messages and important news to all their employees and make sure that the staff has read it.

– Policy Acknowledgment solution: They needed a system to inform employees about new rules and policies and to receive their acceptance to confirm their awareness about the new rules and updated policies.

As a Microsoft partner, 365 Digital Consulting identified that a proper HR Policy Management solution on Office 365 can benefit the situation the most.

The main goals of leveraging policy acknowledgment solution on SharePoint, include making sure that messages are sent to all employees, and then have been read and accepted by all of them. Also, capture those acknowledgments into a system for compliance purposes.

Benefits of policy acknowledgment solution on SharePoint online


365 Digital Consulting designed a SharePoint online pop-up messaging solution using SharePoint Framework Extensions (SPFx) that runs on the internal portal and shows both messages and policies to employees when they enter into the intranet and it forces them to read. They could not see any other page of the intranet before reading and accepting these messages.

When staff accepts these policies, their info and statistics will store in the SharePoint list so management would be able to see who has read and accepted these policies. Messages appear as a pop-up on the home page of the portal for each employee, with an accept button in the form of a single message, multiple messages, or a file containing the updated policy.

This system helps the organisation to make sure that all its employees are aware of the new regulations and policies. By designing an internal informative system that is connected to all employees, organisations can bring total transparency to all news and policies therefore, no one can claim to be unaware of the updated policies or an important message.

Using new technologies is a part of any organization’s success in achieving its goals, which should not be skipped simply because it is not available out of the box. Running an internal policy acknowledgment solution on SharePoint helps to keep all employees aware of any change or update in policies

What were the final results?


This system significantly helps send important messages on SharePoint online across the organisation departments, and more important is that one can use it to see exactly who saw the message and read them.

This also cuts paper-based procedures which are very time and cost consuming processes. Furthermore, by using an implanted feature on top of SharePoint which they had already using it, the organization can reduce costs on obtaining a new software.

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