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Process Automation by office 365 in Construction

Process Automation by office 365 in the Construction
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Even though many industries have by now benefited from the latest invention and findings in the world of automation and process management, this has not been the case in the construction industry. Construction industries may use Microsoft 365 and intranets for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to business automation and process enhancement. They aim to cut costs, save time, boost productivity, streamline end-to-end operations, and eliminate user annoyance.

Customers who use Microsoft office 365 have access to an amazingly powerful platform from which to begin automating both simple and complicated business activities. Construction businesses may improve their digital workplace, organizational efficiency, and employee experience by combining different features and capabilities.

Business processes you can automate using Microsoft Office 365 in construction industries

Let’s take a look at some of the processes that can be automated based on our experience with clients and other businesses. To be clear, there is a lot you may potentially do; these are just suggestions!

  • Requests and approvals:

    This is the most common type of process optimization enabled by intranets and Microsoft Office 365 in construction, and it involves using forms and workflow to handle requests ranging from booking flights to organizing annual leave, requesting stationery, and buying lunch for a client meeting. These requests must usually go through an approval process. Many companies still have request and approval processes that are done via email or even paper and are just waiting to be automated. Requests and approvals are increasingly being handled by chatbots, which may be accessed through Microsoft Teams or even a mobile app for front-line employees.

  • Key business policies are being updated:

    A central library of critical business policies can be found on many intranets. It is critical that these are kept up to date; regular evaluations may be in place to ensure this. Based on review dates, automated reminders to content owners provide an automation layer to a central policy library’s effectiveness.

  • Document Metadata Addition:

    Getting the right metadata on a document can be challenging for some organizations, especially if it has to be done manually. Automation can greatly aid in the addition of accurate document metadata. For example, if a project has metadata and a new document is added to the project workspace, the document may be able to acquire that metadata.

  • Management of projects:

    Project management is a broad activity that is critical to the success of many businesses. Microsoft Office 365 in construction can assist with a variety of project management tasks, including providing a foundation for such automation.

  • Financial monitoring and reporting:

    Financial reporting is an obvious application for a dashboard, and it can be very useful for senior management and finance departments in terms of driving responsibility and supporting decision-making. Dashboards with simplified financial and performance data, such as sales, can, however, be displayed to users on the intranet site to keep everyone informed. This type of automation is almost always beneficial.

  • Meetings:

    We spend so much of our time in meetings, yet aside from what happens when you use Outlook, very little automation is applied to meeting scheduling, despite the fact that this is an area where there are several chances to optimize operations. Booking equipment, creating a space, sourcing tools like whiteboards (if for a virtual meeting), diary management, sending out reminders, constructing minutes, determining agendas, regulating the number of people in the office (due to COVID restrictions), gathering pre-meeting data, and even planning travel arrangements could all be automated.

Office 365 in construction industries offers a digital workplace where you can automate processes, report on results, and more. Indeed, there’s so much to automate that one might get lost in the process!

As well You can reduce the need for human resources by using process automation, which reduces errors and expenses. Most importantly, your time is not squandered and is put to the best possible use.

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