7 Reasons to Migrate to SharePoint Online

7 Reasons to Migrate to SharePoint Online for Remote Collaboration
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Changing toward SaaS platform? 

We live in a world that is swiftly moving towards Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in several areas. From collaboration, communication, and many other areas, the world is moving from a reality where systems and relevant data are set up within the companies’ infrastructure to the Cloud. Likewise, Microsoft has advanced considerably rolling out the innovative technology, SharePoint Online and Office 365.

What is SharePoint online?

SharePoint Online is a tool for document management and collaboration developed by Microsoft. It’s principally an intranet, document, and content management system; consequently, it’s used for internal purposes to support the whole parts of an organization together.

When you migrate to SharePoint online, it allows everyone to collaborate and share documents internally and externally and improve findability of documents within the company.

It also allows you to consolidate and organizes many of the daily time-consuming, vital processes your HR team carries out. Your team can respond to PTO requests, track the newest versions of benefits and handbook documents, and much more.

SharePoint is also a popular project management tool. A SharePoint site brings all project information into one central location, making collaboration and reporting much easier.

Meanwhile, you can configure your SharePoint to be a CRM too. It’s a powerful tool to help automate, record client relationships and manage them. Some companies use CRM and SharePoint together; however you can use SharePoint to do both, have a fully customized platform and save money in the process.

Besides, you can use SharePoint to create pages and publish them as sites for your colleagues to access the most important information. Adding apps to your SharePoint site is another great way to customize the thing that you need for your business.

SharePoint online migration from cloud services and file servers

Who is it for?

Whether a small business of 10 users or a larger enterprise with 5000+ users, SharePoint Online is for organizations seeking greater productivity while experiencing the benefits of the cloud. Especially its usage being increased after Covid-19 when companies start working remotely and remote workers become a trend.

As a cloud-based SaaS service, SharePoint Online helps companies leverage an intranet and a large number of sites for teams/organization-based solutions on a single platform.

Why migrate to SharePoint online? 

  • You want your users use apps that they knowSharePoint is connected to tools like Task, Calendar, Word, Excel, OneNote and many other popular tools. If you use SharePoint portal, your employees can also have quick access to any other web applications that they are using every day 
SharePoint Online migration feature

Above are some of the key reasons for you to migrate to SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online without a doubt has all the features required to enable you and your organization to manage data effectively and efficiently, compared to its competitors such as Google Drive, Box, Confluence, Igloo, Alfresco, and so on.

How 365 Digital Consulting manages SharePoint Online Migration 

Preparing a successful migration is the key factor of the process. We’ll check your SharePoint environment to check all the necessary actions for migration. That will include:

  • Firstly, doing a review of existing SharePoint environment (or network drive) and provide a health check report.
  • Secondly, assessing the existing environment (large file size, obsoleted content, orphaned sites, existing setting) using SMAT tools (SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool) or other migration tools like ShareGate.
  • Thirdly, reviewing the existing custom codes, solutions, and web parts
  • Lastly, providing SharePoint or Office 365 migration checklist required for the migration planning phase.

What our clients say 

“They are extremely nimble with work. Even though they are remote from us they are contactable 24/7. The migration was successful and the client is very pleased with the result. 365 Digital Consulting followed the timeline and was transparent about project progress.”

Lead Developer, Peach Technology UK 
You can read all the reviews here.

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