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"They are extremely nimble with work"

The migration was successful and the client is very pleased with the result. 365 Digital Consulting followed the timeline and was transparent about project progress.

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Their resources were deeply invested in the work and had a strong grasp of project goals.

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Our Custom Office 365 Time Tracking Solution


Unlimited Projects and Tasks

Create numerous projects and tasks within SharePoint environment as your business grows with its workforce.


Automatic Payroll Processing

The custom timesheet solution automatically submit time logs to the accounting system to issue payrolls


User-friendly Interface

With our custom Microsoft Timesheet , your team members will enjoy the clean, user-friendly interface


Different Pay Rates

Easily pay your employees based on different pay rates (weekdays, holidays, on-call hours)


Seamless Integrations

SharePoint timesheet will not only provide you relief from paperwork and manual entry but it can also integrate with 3rd party apps


Avoid Double-Entries

By syncing your Office 365 time tracking system with your internal software, free your staff from double-entering data

365 Timex, one of the most powerful time tracking apps

365 Timex is a robust Office 365 time tracking app that increases teams’ productivity dramatically. It lets businesses manage time effectively and progress toward their goal. 365 Timex contains exclusive time tracking features that set this app apart from other time tracking software. Here are some of the powerful features in contain:

Office 365 timesheet integrations

It integrates with apps you are already using

365 Timex integrates with your business’s current payment options, document management software, calendars, and accounting system.

Project Management

365 Timex can be connected to different job management software in the market such as Scoro or any other app using API.

Financial System

It connects to financial systems such as Xero or QuickBooks and send timesheets to financial system after the manager's approval.

Different pay rates are supported

The timesheet offers a feature to allocate different earning rates to employees. It differentiates pay rates based on various circumstances for example the rate differs if the employee is operating the task on weekdays, weekends, or on missions.

Reimbursements are made easy

Since the integrations implemented on 365 Timex are bidirectional, the earning rates and mission expenses can be submitted to the time tracking app, then they will be transferred to the financial system to calculate employee expenses.

Office 365 time tracking mobile app

It is bult on top of Office 365

365 Timex is built on top of Office 365 SharePoint which means it is synced with the whole Office 365 suite so you will enjoy the benefits of this timesheet along with all the capabilities of Office 365.

Customisable Time tracking system

This time tracking app is fully customizable, 365 Digital Consulting can customise this Office 365 time tracking solution to meet your business requirements and tailor it to your specific needs.

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Main Features of a Good Time Tracking App

If you are planning on purchasing an Office 365 time tracking app but are in doubt about what software to choose, here are some of the main features that a good time tracking software must have. All time tracking apps record the time spent on different projects by your employees, but besides submitting working hours these applications need to include some other features which are listed below:

Project Management

One of the main capabilities that a good time tracking app must have, is project management. It helps to achieve your project goal on time, within its budget, and with the expected quality. Project management features let businesses assign new tasks to employees, set deadlines, monitor progress, and manage costs.

Payroll Management

As companies grow, they'll need a proper employee payroll management tool to automatically charge clients by the time spent on their project and their hourly rate. This feature helps to keep control of the accounting process and it includes features such as employees' payments, issuing client invoices, and staff reimbursements.

Third-party App Integration

Using a unified platform helps businesses to manage projects effectively and boosts staff performance. When your Office 365 time tracking app is connected to other software that your business utilizes, you'll get a 360-degree view of the business performance which let business owners and managers to see the picture of the process.

Mobile App

Real-time task updates let businesses stay ahead of the deadlines, so having a proper mobile app is essential. It allows companies to access data from their smartphone 24/7. This feature ensures that field staff and employees on mission can easily enter their working hours.

Reports and analytics

Time tracking apps can measure employees' performance by analyzing data and providing reports. These reports contain activity reports, a summary of the tasks performed, and detailed task reports. Analytics help managers to observe team productivity and their performance.

Customer Success Story

An effortless way to enter time logs

365 Digital Consulting provides custom Office 365 timesheet solutions to let employees, use SharePoint timesheet to allocate time logs to different jobs, leave requests, submit project expenses, or any other kind of task or activity that each staff member spent on the projects. This custom SharePoint timesheet solution integrates with Scoro and Xero systems to allow automatic invoice generation within Xero and track project costs using Scoro job costing software.

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