Asbestos Removal Mobile App Form

Our asbestos removal mobile app form helps to reduce the amount of paperwork by automating your document management system. The asbestos powerApps solution makes paperless forms and converts the paper forms into e-forms and saves them in SharePoint

The Client Company


Made Safe Scaffolding is a full-service scaffolding company providing scaffold hire, erection and dismantle services by a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals throughout the Sydney, Australia. They work with volume builders, commercial builders, roofing companies, insurance companies and owner builders.

They are fully insured and all scaffolding complies with AUS/NZ legislative standards. They offer advice to suit their customers’ needs on a site by site basis. Made Safe Scaffolding ensures that all scaffold meets Australian Standards.

They have developed procedures for inspecting and maintaining the scaffold to ensure the scaffold is safe and remains in a safe condition. This includes scaffold tags, handover certificates by a licenced scaffolder and regular inspections of the scaffold. We, at 365 Digital Consulting, accomplished Asbestos Removal Mobile App Paperless Form for this client.

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What Were the Challenges?


The problem was that the subcontractors had to fill some forms and reports as parts of their daily activities and they needed paperless forms. 

The main issue appeared to be that they must deal with paper forms. These forms included a Handover certificate, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), vehicle Maintenance Checklist, Risk Assessment and Day Labour. They must fill all these forms, sign and send them back to office.

Afterwards, the office admin would scan the forms and save it to the related folder created for each client. Imagine such manual paperwork done for hundreds of papers on daily, weekly, monthly, and sometimes project basis. 

They asked 365 Digital Consulting to convert the paper forms into paperless forms knowing the fact that they had already Office 365 implemented so that the subcontractors could sign the papers by themselves, submit them and then the system should be able to populate those 5 document templates and generate their PDF signed versions automatically. 

Our Multi-functional and Innovative Solution


We designed the templates of all forms they were filling using PowerApps as mobile app. Then we granted subcontractors access to these electronic forms so that they could fill their paperless forms easily.

Once completed and submit button clicked, a record of the data would be saved in SharePoint list and a workflow would be run using Power Automate. Therefore, our solution was a combination of PowerApps, SharePoint Online, and Power Automate called Power Platform.  

All data saved in SharePoint by subcontractors would be used by Power Automate to pre-populate the related MS word templates and generate a version of that document for the client. It should be noted that we gave them the ability to take signatures straight onto their mobile device; their signature on the forms was captured within the PowerApps and printed on the result PDFs.

Our SharePoint development service would act as a database; thus based on what the project was or who their clients were, each PDF was named in a special searchable format after the project subject, the client’s name, and so on. The PDF file was generated by that special name format.

Afterward, we could allocate its related metadata located in the SharePoint and placed it in the related document library on the SharePoint site. The site admin would be notified eventually. As a result of implementing the Asbestos Removal Mobile App Paperless Form, the Asbestos Removal Certificate as one of those templates was automatically issued too.

What Were the Final Results?

  • A large amount of paperwork was omitted from the workflow, replaced by a paperless form solution.
  • Previously, the subcontractors had to commute to the office to deliver the signed paper forms. However, after this implementation, these commuting to and from the office was also eliminated. 
  • The human error due to miss-categorization of documents after scanning by the admin was eliminated.
  • Day Labour forms are now easily signed and submitted by the phone.
  • The findability of the documents is much easier now. 
  • Risk Assessment forms are instantly completed and submitted on the phone.
  • All paper SWMS forms are now pre-populated and generated automatically as electronic documents.
  • Automatic PDF generation based on Handover Certificate templates were also done.
  • As a result, by using our Asbestos Removal Mobile App, the client was able to have a better document manage system and work more efficiently.



There are lots of forms including Asbestos removal form which subcontractors have to fill in. 365 Digital Consulting convert these paper form to electronic forms, and by implementing PowerApps on their mobile devices, users can fill and  sign them electronically using eSign solution, and send them back to the office as a signed PDF document

Once sub contractor fill in the form and sign it electronically on their device using PowerApps, a PDF file will be generated using Power Automate (another Office 365 tools) which contain the filled signed form. The result PDF then will be stored into the SharePoint including proper metadata so it can be searched and find later easily.

365 Digital Consulting can make a custom PowerApps and Power Platform solution that make this process automated and allow user to login on their mobile device to complete the form using PowerApps. This Power Platform solution which store final signed documents into SharePoint is ideal for small business.

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