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Best Microsoft Teams time tracking apps

Microsoft teams time tracking
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Microsoft Teams time tracking tools are programs that are used to measure how much time employees spend on a project. The use of time tracking tools has been well received and today professionals in various industries use these programs. The ultimate goal of time tracking systems is to measure team productivity.

One of the most important factors for success is time management and how to spend it. Time management boosts creativity and helps us better organize the team members time and discover where they spend most of their time. Integrated time tracking programs with Microsoft Teams can help to achieve more with less work in life and business.

Microsoft Teams’ time tracking apps are used to manage remote team members. For different companies, time tracking apps include a wide range of benefits. Companies that record their employees’ working time save money and make fewer mistakes.

Office 365 time tracking systems allow businesses to increase transparency. Because they can see how much time employees need to complete tasks and projects. In short, Microsoft time trackers increase employee productivity and reduce costs.

The list of best Microsoft Teams time tracking

If you are reading this article, you are probably thinking of implementing a good and effective Microsoft Teams time tracking software for your business. Since Microsoft Teams do not have a built-in time tracking feature, we have provided a list of the best Microsoft Teams time tracking tools to help you perform your operations seamlessly.

Join us in this article to introduce you to the best Microsoft Teams time tracker systems.


Using the Microsoft Teams integration, users can insert their working hours into Timeneye without leaving the MS Teams. You just need to add Timeneye into Microsoft Teams using the Apps section.

The Timeneye app doesn’t include all the features its web app provides. In fact, it is the simplified version of it, providing the main features such as time tracking, project management, and reporting features. In order to access all the Timeneye features, there is a button that redirects users to the web app.

The Microsoft Teams app include below information:

  • Tracking time dashboard
  • Project’s statuses using its project dashboard
  • Reports and analysis dashboard


The Jibble bot in Microsoft Teams lets business owners track time and monitor employees’ attendance for free. Users can send simple commands like IN or OUT in chats in order to insert their working hours. You can also review daily reports, weekly timesheets, and logs using the TIMES command.

Timeclock 365

Timeclock 365 is another popular time tracking app that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. It allows managers to track staff working hours, assign new tasks, and monitor staff activity.

Timeclock 365 indicates staff IP address, location, time, and date to show their active times. Employees can simply press “punch out” when they are done working.


PlanStreet lets its licensed members manage tasks, edit checklists, and update job status all within its Microsoft Teams app. It is also possible to attach new documents and leave feedback about specific tasks. Plan Street membership costs $700 per month with a yearly subscription for up to 20 users. Any additional user is charged at $35 per user per month.


Another online tracking program that integrates well with Microsoft Teams is TrackingTime. It is a good app for educators, project managers, and business owners.

TrackingTime is a simple task manager that has a built-in time tracker and helps with the hours spent on a project. This program is a useful tool for team leaders and managers because it gives them a clear view of what each employee or team member has done.

Chronoscope Time Tracking

With Chronoscope Time Tracking users will receive pre-filled timesheets in form of interactive messages from Teams. This intelligent time management platform decreases human errors by avoiding double data entries and boosts data accuracy. It asks staff members about the task they had been doing and assures if everyone has kept their data up to date.

Finishing remarks on best Microsoft time trackers

The increasing number of employees working remotely necessitates the need for a proper Microsoft time tracker. These programs are not the only Microsoft Teams time tracking programs, and there are many other applications in this field in the market. You can use one of the programs we mentioned in this article to meet the needs of your team, or you can use other valid Office 365 time tracking apps.


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