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Support Package
The support packages are optional. Maintenance and support can be agreed upon separately with a yearly contract as well.

We do have some pre-packaged supports that including discounted pricing as below: →

Duration of validity (expiry) Suite for Number of
Support Hours

Price per hour (AUD) Total Price
(AUD) excluding GST

One year Occasional requests 20 80 $1,600
One year Low number of requests 30 70 $2,100
One year Medium number of requests 45 65 $2,925

The above estimate is only a generic guideline and in the real project, it might vary per each client depend on their project complexity, number of integrations required, client urgency, user expectation, number of requests, level of IT knowledge and so on.

These are pre-packaged support plans that clients can purchase upfront so we can resolve any urgent requests coming from the client’s representative quickly.

If the client doesn’t buy any support packages and wants to send ad-hoc support requests, they wouldn’t have any priority to receive the service and it might take up to 3 business days to receive their initial response and depending on query estimation process can takes up to a week. In addition, to be able to start processing ad-hoc requests, we should provide an estimate for each request and the client must pay related invoice before we get start on their ticket.

The pricing for Ad-hoc request is as below:

Ad-hoc request Total Price (AUD) excluding GST
One hour $100

Ad-hoc requests would be a time-consuming process that we do not recommend especially if you want to have the issue fixed or change applied quickly.

The time for reviewing ad-hoc requests is really depending on our workload so we’ll review sooner if we have availability. Also, by purchasing our pre-packaged plan client would have access to our support ticketing system and their request will be responded within one business day and put in action items of the development team immediately and automatically.

Pre-packages support hours have validity for 12 months from the date of purchase and will expire after one year of its purchase date regardless of being consumed or not.


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