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Top SharePoint Server Subscription Edition features

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition features and benefits
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Microsoft has recently released a preview of the latest version of SharePoint Server named “SharePoint Server Subscription Edition”. Microsoft used to release a new version of the SharePoint server every three years, which means companies had to migrate to the newer versions of SharePoint every three-year in order to benefit from the new features. But on July 20, Microsoft announced SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE) which keeps on-premise environments always updated and frees organisations of SharePoint migrations.

Early versions of SharePoint were mostly used for applications such as content management and document management. But several notable features have been added to recent versions of SharePoint. Here are some of the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition features.

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

It always gets updates

Organisations demand cost-effective and adaptable collaboration, communication, and productivity solutions. SharePoint Server Subscription Edition may help your company achieve new levels of dependability and performance by providing features and capabilities that simplify administration, secure communications, and information, and empower employees to do more.

You must be nimble in order to optimise your IT infrastructure for ever-changing business conditions, which includes investing in solutions that give both dependability and choice. SharePoint Server Subscription Edition gives you the freedom to customise your deployment to meet your specific business demands.

With SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, you can put a stop to the costly and time-consuming cycle of major version upgrades in order to acquire new features and stay supported. Customers will get the latest Microsoft innovations via updates that may be deployed on their SharePoint Server Subscription Edition farms. Getting new updates is only one of the improvements in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

With new upgrade options that allow you to move directly from SharePoint Server 2016 to SharePoint Server 2019 without first upgrading to SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server Subscription Edition makes it simple to get up and running.

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is at the highest level of security and reliability

Organisations and corporate IT must always comply with legal standards and prevent unauthorised access to business vital and personal data. SharePoint Server Subscription Edition offers scalability, security, and dependability while allowing you to take advantage of the newest hardware advancements and processing technologies, allowing you to handle massive quantities of data quicker, more effectively, and at a reduced cost.

With Windows Server 2022 support, you get not just the most up-to-date security, but also native support for technologies like TLS 1.3. TLS 1.3 is the most recent version of the internet’s most widely used security protocol, which encrypts data and establishes a secure connection between two destinations. TLS 1.3 replaces outdated cryptographic methods, improves security over previous versions, and attempts to encrypt as much of the handshake as feasible.

It’s tailored to your need

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition was created with the specific demands of on-premises situations in mind, offering security, stability, and administration enhancements that are tailored to those requirements. OpenID Connect compatibility, as well as enhancements to the People Picker, are among the new improvements in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

The People Picker in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition has been updated to allow users and groups to be resolved using contemporary authentication (trusted identity providers) such as SAML 1.1 and OIDC 1.0. This eliminates the need for a custom claims source, allowing the People Picker to resolve only legitimate users and groups.

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition benefits:

TLS encryption is enabled by default

The improved security features of Windows Server 2022 will be used by SharePoint Server Subscription Edition to ensure that TLS connections to SharePoint sites employ the strongest encryption by default. Regardless of whether the connection utilises HTTP/2, SharePoint Server will set its SSL bindings to enforce the minimum TLS version and cypher suite requirements of HTTP/2.


  • TLS 1.2 or above must be the SSL/TLS protocol version negotiated.
  • Forward secrecy and AEAD encryption modes like GCM must be supported by the TLS cypher suite that is negotiated.

Customers can choose to utilise legacy encryption for backward compatibility with outdated software that doesn’t support strong TLS protocol versions and cypher suites.

Great improvement in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition on picture libraries

In the Tiles view of document libraries and picture libraries, SharePoint Server Subscription Edition may show thumbnails of files. PNG, JPEG, GIF, and other popular image file types will be shown as thumbnails in SharePoint. SharePoint will also be able to show thumbnails of common document types such as PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint documents, and Rich Text Files if your SharePoint Server farm is linked to an Office Online Server farm.

Accessibility improvements

The SharePoint Server Subscription Edition features offer a number of accessibility enhancements throughout the contemporary user interface to ensure that all users can be productive with SharePoint.

Last but not least

Instead of a PowerShell snap-in, SharePoint Server PowerShell cmdlets are now installed via a PowerShell module. This adheres to PowerShell’s suggested packaging method, allowing us to better support the PowerShell experience.

It has the following advantages:

  • All Windows PowerShell consoles now have SharePoint Server cmdlets by default. To access the SharePoint Server cmdlets, you don’t need to utilise the SharePoint Management Shell or the “Add-PSSnapin” cmdlet.
  • Over the Internet, PowerShell will be able to get updated SharePoint Server cmdlet assistance information.

They all were the latest improvements in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

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