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Ehsan Hakimi CEO of 365 Digital Consulting Interview with GoodFirms
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365 Digital Consulting’s CEO, Ehsan Hakimi Reveals How the Firm’s Consulting Nature Became the Reason to Label It as “365”: GoodFirms


Incorporated in 2018 and based in Sydney, New South Wales, 365 Digital Consulting gives highly innovative world-class software solutions to enterprises in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It is an IT consulting firm based in Australia focused on enhancing communication and collaboration within SMBs and mid-size businesses. The professionals cater to clients with the following services:

  • Document Management (including collaboration platform and ECM)
  • Business process automation (including workflow and BPMS)
  • Communication platform (including portal/Intranet/Extranet)
  • Cloud Migration
  • Digital Transformation solutions 


The company possesses hand-picked office 365 specialists and developers, spawning decades of experience only on these platforms and providing the best Office 365 development services.

Though 365 is based in Australia, most of the Office 365 consultants and developers are located in Europe and the Middle East. The entire team works together remotely and gives almost 24-hour support services. That is perfect for multinational companies who need Office 365 services support in different time zones. It also allows the team to render services out of business hours without extra cost.

Moreover, the SharePoint development team uses Office 365 cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the businesses to utilize those techs in their day-to-day operation. The firm has also partnered with technology providers and ISV businesses who built quick solutions to fix particular issues.

“As a company that spans continents, 365 Digital Consulting ensures a global standard of quality, cost, and performance across the board, despite the location,” Ehsan Hakimi, the CEO of 365 Digital Consulting, tells the GoodFirms interviewer.

Starting with the interviewer, Ehsan mentions that as a CEO, his role in 365 Digital Consulting is Customer Success Manager. He ensures that the customers achieve great and fantastic results and happiness, which defines success according to their needs at the end of the project. He focuses on providing that the customer gains ROI.

Due to the technical expertise in Office 365 and Dynamics 365, this was then renamed to Microsoft 365. “The reason behind choosing “365” at the beginning of our company name is because it’s a common thread in Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365,” says Ehsan to GoodFirms’ interviewer.

Further, Ehsan says that as the firm provides digital transformation solutions for businesses, the next term of the company’s name we preferred as “Digital.” Lastly, the full name was coined as “365 Digital Consulting” because of its consulting nature. But the services are not limited to consulting; the professionals also develop and execute the solutions.

365 Digital Consulting aims to allow businesses to focus on their core business functions while delivering solutions cost-effectively. The Microsoft 365 consulting services enable the team to work on their business goals. Simultaneously, the professionals implement digital transformations for their business and provide online services to clients and their users. With the services offered by 365 Digital Consulting, business people can keep their software development costs under control.

Ehsan proudly mentions that 100% of the clients say they are willing to work with 365 Digital Consulting in the future and also refer it to their friends. The founders found a significant gap in the market where the cheap freelancers provide unacceptable deliverables at low cost. Local IT consulting businesses deliver reasonable solutions at unacceptable prices that many companies can’t afford; ergo, 365 consultants provide a standard mid-level solution that costs clients usually $50K just under $20K.

Thus, delivering cost-effective solutions to clients endows 365 Digital Consulting as one of the top implementation service providers at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below proves the potential of the developers at 365 Digital Consulting.


Further elaborating more on the implementation services, Ehsan divulges that being paperless is the goal of most businesses, large or small, but taking complete command of digital documents can be just as complicated as dealing with physical files. As a Microsoft partner, by using 365 Digital Consulting’s SharePoint document management solutions, clients’ won’t have their current DMS headaches.

Luckily, in today’s digital world, Sharepoint document management systems help 365 consultants store, share, or manage their documents. Ehsan cites that with a suitable SharePoint document management solution on office 365, clients can now say goodbye to all of that.

The expert team helps clients add some additional properties with metadata such as the document type, status, and last edit date or let the system do this automatically. With the SharePoint document management solutions, the expert team helps clients find the file easier by using specific indexes, search keywords, or even metadata.

Thus, enabling clients and their colleagues by co-authoring to make changes to the same document simultaneously endows 365 Digital consulting as one of the best Microsoft office 365 consultants at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality service offering rendered by 365 Digital Consulting.

365 Digital Consulting


Concluding the interview, Ehsan elucidates that the firm has different plans for different clients. The type of procedures depends on the project the team is delivering.

The first plan is – support. The firm has a ticketing system on the Mojo Helpdesk website; whenever the clients put their inquiries there, the technical team gets them directly and responds immediately within 24 hours.

Then we have a CRM that stores the history of any contacts and information. One essential software that the company has for the projects with the core objective of producing a custom application is using Azure DevOps that enables the clients to monitor and manage the complete list of their project tasks and all the tasks that must be done for their projects and the statuses.

Thus, having read the interview given by Ehsan Hakimi, the CEO of 365 Digital Consulting, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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