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We live in a world of accessible communication and information. Apart from personal life, the same conditions apply to work environments as well. Intranets put all collaboration channels and business-related information all together. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, SharePoint intranets come in handy for organisations to bring information consistency and a unified communication environment to the staff working from home.

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Why intranet and extranet portal services?

In the world of process management, two types of software dominate the market: workflow management and business process management (BPM).These services are a collection of collaboration and communication tools that are considered the most efficient solutions for companies. Fruitful cooperation should have internal (within the company) and external (with business partners) communication platform.

Intranets allow organisations to centralize access to enterprise content and knowledge and increase their staff’s ability to collaborate on projects. It is also important to know that a business cannot thrive unless it has productive relationships with other business partners and stakeholders, and that is where extranets come in handy. They provide better connections among these parties and instant access to the latest resources required.

The overall result is a flourishing information platform for business partners as well as an engaged and well-informed workforce who have all they may ever need at their disposal.

Process Management


• Seamlessly collaborate across the organization
• Quickly access to all other systems
• Centralized content storage
• Enhance transparency and employee engagement
• Avoid excessive use of email
• Integration with 3rd party apps
• Encourage innovation

SharePoint intranet portal

What do these Office 365 intranet solutions consist of?

These collaboration assets give your digital workplace all the features it needs by empowering all parts of your firm like HR, finance, and IT. 

You can efficiently communicate and build better cohesion within your company. You will also be able to benefit from analytics and insight tools that help you make more profitable decisions in your corporation.

SharePoint intranet portal features and benefits
SharePoint intranet portal mobile apps features

Thanks to the mobile apps of Microsoft SharePoint, you can easily connect with people inside or outside your company at any time. These iOS and Android apps have secure access to essential data and files and pave the way for staying informed about team members. 

No matter what extra features you expect to have, we customize the elements and designs of Office 365 based on your brand and preferences to bring you the best experience ever. 

custom development of SharePoint intranet

SharePoint Intranet and Extranet features we provide

We make use of OTB SharePoint and Office 365 features to provide a platform that supports flexible and agile working. The provided SharePoint collaboration tools are what your organization needs to get the job done. Some of the features we provide for you are listed below:

Tiles web part

Providing the ability to add instance listing of tiled links

Events web part

Allowing you to add and display upcoming events on your page

Weather Information and world time web part

The ability to display basic weather information for one location

Hero web part

Bring focus and visual interest to your page by displaying up to five important items in the Hero web part

News web part

Quickly create eye-catching posts with graphics and rich formatting and enhance engagement.

People Directory web part

Providing you the ability to add a searchable people directory based on users listed on your Azure Active Directory

Document library web part

Users with appropriate permissions can view or edit files directly from the web part

Microsoft Forms web part

The Microsoft Forms web part can create surveys, quizzes, and polls on a page. You can also collect responses to your forms and show form results

Personal Tasks web part

Providing the ability to add a particular user's personal tasks on a web page

Embed web part

Displays content on your page from other sites like YouTube, Twitter, or website

Group Calendar web part

A Microsoft 365 group calendar right on your page, visible to your readers.

Power BI report web part

The Power BI web part easily embeds an interactive Power BI report on your page. The embedded reports are fully secure so you can easily create secure internal portals

Real case scenario

The high customisable intranet communication tools allows us to personalize them for all the businesses in various fields of activity. Here is an example of a firm for which we provided a custom-made solution to facilitate tasks and activities.  

SpaMedica is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of NHS eye healthcare services. They wanted to empower their organisation with a cloud-based SharePoint Intranet. Then they asked 365 Digital Consulting for a custom-made SharePoint intranet that is specifically developed and designed for their needs. 

We designed a SharePoint intranet that resolved their issues by building a useful and user-friendly Office 365 intranet solution that could reflect their brand and values. As a result, a SharePoint intranet was developed with required custom features such as a modern UI with a unified menu, NHS website and SharePoint intranet integration, and new appearance for events and news part which allow better collaboration, staff engagement, and brand marketing.

SharePoint intranet customer success case study

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