Microsoft 365 Consulting

what are Microsoft 365 features and benefits



The term Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is misunderstood by many people.
Microsoft 365 is not an independent software and also not a name for the browser variants of Word, Excel, etc. This is the brand name of a whole bundle of subscription models that Microsoft offers for both enterprise and private customers. If you look at the entire technical product range behind MICROSOFT 365, you come across the most sophisticated and powerful business platform for collaboration, communication and information management worldwide. Microsoft 365 consulting services help to map companies’ business needs to relevant solutions based on the suite. Moreover, these services include consulting support on implementation, user adoption and evolution of Office 365 solutions. Microsoft 365 includes a variety of applications and services that form the basis of employee digital workplace.

Top reasons for using Microsoft 365

  • Familiar Microsoft environment with high availability
  • Cross-device collaboration
  • Intelligent
  • Filing system

How can Microsoft 365 Consulting help you?

The extent of this platform and the possibilities of using it are so extensive that it is a huge task for a company to familiarize oneself with the topic in addition to day-to-day business works. The Microsoft 365 environment offers numerous configuration options and provides just as many apps that are intended to enable more productive and efficient work. Many users are overwhelmed by the high number of possible applications, so it is important to offer them orientation in the suite.

Microsoft 365 consulting Services

365 Digital Consulting

We help organizations compose a personal Office 365 collaborative toolset depending on their business specifics and collaboration requirements. Our team provides consulting support at each stage of implementing an Office 365 solution, including deployment, customization and user adoption. We provide all Office 365 services including:

Microsoft 365 consulting

When you decide to start your cloud route, we are to back you up on the way. Our consultants help you make your cloud solution an integral part of the enterprise digital environment and a useful tool for each employee. We deliver both advisory and technical support depending on your business requirements.

Microsoft 365 implementation

We, at 365 Digital Consulting, assist you choose a suitable Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. We can implement the selected Office 365 toolset in line with the Microsoft requirements and set your cloud solutions to safeguard its efficient administration and use.

Microsoft 365 customization

We modify your Office 365 solution to your precise corporate environment, industry requirements and employees’ preferences. We will handle all customizations and develop exclusive custom features, including complex workflows, branded site templates and more.

Microsoft 365 migration

Our developers help you plan and carry out the migration of your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions to Office 365 along with maintaining the integrity of your business data. To assess the preliminary scope of your Office 365 migration project, you are welcome to contact us anytime.

Microsoft 365 integration

We integrate the Office 365 suite with your enterprise solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous cross-department and enterprise-wide collaboration. We have experience on a broad range of
integration options including REST API, Graph API, Outlook Calendar API.