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Being paperless is the goal of most companies, large or small, but taking full control of digital documents can be just as complicated as dealing with physical files.  By using our SharePoint document management solutions, you won’t have the headaches of your current DMS. As a Microsoft partner, 365 Digital Consulting implements SharePoint document management solutions to help businesses store, share, or manage their documents. Remember those good old offices with crowded and unorganized cabinets filled with loads of paper files? With a suitable SharePoint document management system on office 365, you can now say goodbye to all of that.

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An ideal SharePoint document management solution features

These are some of the most important SharePoint document management features which can support your business and your staff:



Do you have difficulty finding your digital files? With the help of metadata, you can add some extra properties such as the document type, status, and last edit date or let the system do this for you automatically.



You’re looking for a file, but don’t remember its exact name? Indexing helps you keep track of your file by classifying it based on the documents’ metadata or even based on the content of the document and the words used in it.



Storage helps you with the management of the location and duration of storage and also the archival process and disposal of the documents within the SharePoint online DMS.



What if you want to get back a specific document? Getting back an electronic document can be complex. But with the help of our SharePoint document management solution, you can find the file easier by using specific indexes, search keyword or even metadata.

SharePoint document management solution features
document management system on power automate



Workflow divides into two categories: manual and rules-based. In manual workflow, you view the file and then you decide whom to send it to. But in the rules-based one, you will need to follow the rules the administrator has created which trigger automatically.



The modern collaboration feature on Office 365 document management system called co-authoring allows you and your colleagues to make changes to the same document at the same time. With the collaboration feature you will also be able to see which paragraph your colleague is working on and vice versa.



SharePoint online DMS versioning saves and keeps all versions of files so that you can access them and not lose any piece of work.



Does it take a lot of time to take manager approval for publishing documents? The publishing component involves the procedures of proofreading, peer or public reviewing, authorizing, etc.

What extra features does ECM provide?

ECM systems unlike DMS’s let you store all types of files including documents, web content, physical record, electronic record, images or even x-ray pictures, which is why ECM’s are often called super-sized DMS’s and are not fit for every business. They are designed for larger enterprises and usually consist of the four following components:



It helps you convert paper files into a searchable electronic format.



Manage component in ECM systems usually consists of:

  • Document management
  • Web content management
  • Records management
  • Workflow, as explained here.



There is some information such as financial information that you’ll need remain unchanged when finalized after an EOFY. Preserve can help you with that! It is the long-term and safe storage of the information, you’re unlikely to change.


This component contains functions needed to transfer or enter information into other systems. It also helps in providing the right format of files before storing them.
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Why SharePoint Online document management solution (DMS)

All in all, an efficient DMS and ECM system can make a better overall performance for several reasons. SharePoint document management solutions are usually high on the list of their features, and their main benefit is the flexibility of the solution and customisation options, based on your defined requirements. SharePoint Online DMS offers:

Saving all your documents in one place


With a central repository, you’ll have access to all of your documents at one centralised place. SharePoint Online DMS also supports multiple document types including ODT, XSLB, PPSX and 3D models.

Giving access to external users


With SharePoint document management solutions, external users can only view the files you choose for them and also add or upload new files if you permit them.

Search and navigation


SharePoint Online DMS helps your staff with finding documents they’re looking for, plus its related context. For this reason, you need to consider designing a proper information architecture (IA) before starting to use the DMS.

Easy access to important information and links


Office 365 document management system provides access to key contacts, user guides, policies, and important links. It also lets you know about the skillsets of your colleagues that you might be looking for or need.

SharePoint online DMS features
filter feature on SharePoint document library

Personalised views


If you liked how metadata helps you with finding and filtering your files, you will be happy to hear that with SharePoint document management solutions you can save those settings as a view, so you don’t need to add the settings manually each time.

Offline file access and Synchronisation


Imagine you’re on an airplane with no access to any Wi-Fi, can this stop you from working on shared files? Not at all. With the help of the OneDrive app, you can sync documents from the library to your phone, tablet, laptop or whatever device you’re using. As soon as you get connected, OneDrive will automatically upload the newer version in the cloud.



As a Microsoft certified partner, we offer integrated SharePoint document management solutions with tools that are compatible with Office 365, other Microsoft stack, and even third-party software. Most larger enterprises use systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, HR, accounting, and asset management systems. SharePoint Online DMS allows multiple integration options to those systems using API, users won’t waste time switching between DMS and other software.



Office 365 document management solutions allow giving different permission levels to groups of users. It can vary from viewing a file to full control. It also has granular permission that can be set on file, library, site and etc.

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